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Galena Illinois: April 28th 2014
William W Fawell, resident of Galena, announced today that he is running for the Illinois 17th Congressional District, as the Constitution Party candidate.

“The theme of my campaign is simple,” Fawell explained. "Every problem in America can be traced to the government that rules over the people. And the only solution is for the People to Rule over that government; this defines Liberty and fortunately, it is within our grasp. We Americans must only reach out and take back our country.

“Here are four (4) bills before Congress right now, that if enacted into law would place the people in rule over our government, an action that cannot be turned back. They are Senate Bill, S. 209 (HR 24), S. 1663, S. 1664, and S. 1665,” Fawell detailed.

"This is the issue in 2014 because America has a lot of problems and how do you solve them all. We have to solve them all at once. We must restore Liberty. These bills should be the litmus test for every candidate before America today.

"If elected, I will sponsor the equivalent House bills to S. 1663, 64, and 65, and co-sponsor HR 24. Together, these bills if passed, will force all the constitutional powers of Congress, back to the Congress where they belong. But today our laws are dictated by private and public agencies controlled by the executive branch. 

"The result is government so far out of balance it is unable to reign itself in. It is in partnership with corporations where access to agencies are sold to the highest bidder, which their lobbyists then hijack and write our laws for themselves.  

"The American People no longer rule America, because Congress no longer rules America.  Congress is the People’s portion, but our representation has been sold, our voice disbursed, and Congress has reduced it and themselves to being grocery clerks. It is this disparity and the end of this theft of America, which this campaign will champion.

"The 17th Cong. Dist. runs along the Mississippi River from Wisconsin to south of Rock Island.  From there it angles out both to the northeast to Rockford, and southeast to Peoria in a gerrymandered district drawn to favor a democratic candidate over a republican.  

"And as I announce my candidacy, I also ask you for your help. I need to collect 14,000 signatures from the voters in the 17th Congressional District, on my Petition, by June 10th.This means at least means 20,000 signatures in order to have any chance of surviving any challenge. I need your help so that I can help you.
"Einstein defined insanity as repeating the same mistake and expecting a different result. I say quit voting for Insanity. Vote for Bill Fawell at the Constitution Party."

Contact me in Galena, Illinois, to find out more about my newly announced campaign.

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