Here are Four Bills That I Will Sponsor to Restore the People's Rule Over Our Government

These are four bills currently before Congress in 2014. If enacted, they will begin a process that restores the people’s rule over our government, a process which cannot be turned back. The first I will co-sponsor, the other three senate bills I will sponsor and push for the passage for the senate bills 1663, 1664, 1665, that is my promise to you the voter in the 17th Congressional District.

Senate Bill SB 209/House Bill HB 24 and Senate Bills 1663, 1664, and 1665 together change the system to make it such that access is dependent upon the consent of the governed. This requires that we together, as Americans, agree to make this pact as the litmus for our vote.


Liberty Legislation

We must agree that we judge who gets our vote by pre-qualifying the candidates with their commitment to supporting these four acts of Congress. It is our only means to secure justice for every American equally, because these acts will secure the structure of government where the people rule, this defines  "Liberty".


Senate Bill S. 209 / House HR. 24

This is an audit of the Federal Reserve Bank 2009/10 and its consultants in 2009/10 during the housing crash, I’d prefer an audit going back to 1913, but this opens a Pandora’s Box: The objective is to reveal enough about the FED that it will not survive, and this bill will do that. It was passed in an earlier version, but the majority leader in the Senate, Harry Reid, would/will not allow it on the floor for a vote.

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SENATE BILL S. 1663,1664, & 1665—Write the Laws

• S.1663 - All federal laws and policy can only be passed by an Act of Congress. (Now agencies create our laws, written by lobbyists; this will end that practice)
• S.1664 – One (1) issue per bill (Ends omnibus bills and each bill will have to stand on its own). 
• S.1665 – All laws must be read in Congress before voting. (Ends bills over 30 to 50 pages that lobbyists use to create laws unto themselves, reduces the volume of bills before Congress, and brings proposed legislation under greater scrutiny of the People.)

Do Your Part

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Together we can restore a State of Liberty to our great nation

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