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The theme of my campaign is simple, every problem in America can be traced to the government that rules over the people. And the only solution is for the People to Rule over that government; this defines Liberty and fortunately, it is within our grasp. We Americans must only reach out and take back our country.

Here are four (4) bills that I will sponsor or co-sponsor that will restore the peoples' in rule over our government, an action that cannot be turned back. They are Senate Bill, S. 209 (HR 24), S. 1663, S. 1664, and S. 1665.

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Serving Northwest Illinois, including Galena

Who I Am

My name is Bill Fawell, and I'm running for the 17th Congressional District, IL. From Galena, Illinois, my first goal is to collect 14,000 signatures for Petitions to promote my simple, direct, and effective campaign. Join me in our work to restore the People's Rule over our government.
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Contact me in Galena, Illinois, for more information regarding my congressional campaign.

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