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About Bill

A few people have asked about my books so here is a link to both and includes the first 40 pages of the "The Science of Liberty" you can read for free:   

I am an independent registered real estate broker manager in the state of Illinois.  Fresh out of college I pounded nails, worked in the commodities futures industry at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange then settled into real estate while owning a demolition company, recycling, construction, historic rehabilitation construction company running equipment and sometimes working as a stone mason.  For over 40 years I have been in the private sector and I know how hard the private sector can be. My real estate experience has been primarily in development, which came to a crashing halt for both me and a lot of other people in the Crash of 2008.

This is when I went back to my first love, writing.  As a political science major I never stopped reading and in 2008 I began to write what would become 2 books, "New American Revolution" documenting the bankruptcy of America (which history calls Revolution) and it's only peaceful answer, restoring a State of Liberty in America (my second book: "The Science of Liberty"), where the people rule over their government.  

I started a super pac called "Elect A New Congress" to reform Congress, and when that didn't work, I decided I would have to get directly and personally involved.  This is why I am running.  I understand the underlying problem afflicting America, our GOVERNMENT, and propose a solid time proven solution... a functioning State of Liberty as outlined in our United States Constitution, which our government has abandoned.

Within the known political spectrum I would consider myself oriented towards a Ron Paul styled republican, a populist/America 1st and a hard core devote of our United States Constitution.  I place as my foremost duty to my public service, is to restore America to a State of Liberty where The People rule over their government, just as our Constitution directs.   

I was raised in a DuPage co. republican family with a strong legacy of public service where I developed a understanding of politics and a love for history early in life.  (Walter Fawell/Mayor West Chicago - Bruce Fawell/Chief Judge DuPage Co. Glen Ellyn - Harris Fawell/State Senate/Congressman Naperville - Beverly Fawell/State Rep/Senator Glen Ellyn - Tom Fawell DuPage Airport Commissioner/Chairman/Administrator West Chicago - Scott Fawell/Chief-of-Staff George Ryan St. Charles).  

In a very real sense I became of age on June 5th, 1968 when I came to the realization I was only being given a snapshot of the world around us, and that co-incidence is just a means to hide the truth.  At this point in my life, in order to acquire a complete understanding of the events that direct our lives I undertook a lifetime study of the underlying cause, effect and cyclical nature of politics, economics and their histories.  

The Crash of 2008, which set the world on end, was the catalyst that lead me to write two books. The first 'New American Revolution' (2011), concerning the revolution I saw forming in America.  History defines a revolution as a governmental bankruptcy; observations supported by Strauss & Howe's acclaimed "The Fourth Turning" (1998) and Crain Brinton's landmark "Anatomy of a Revolution" (1938).  

My second book, "The Science of Liberty" (2016), forced me to take an in-depth look at political Liberty in order to define a State of Liberty as there was little written about the actual theory and practice inherent to a State of Liberty and its modeling of a decentralized government and how it impacts not only both a nations domestic economic and social policies, but its sweeping effect upon foreign policy.  I have come to the conclusion, increasingly shared by many, that America's only way out of the fix we American's find ourselves in today is through the understanding and application of the daily operating model of decentralized government defined as a State of Liberty as outlined in our U.S. Constitution.

Our Constitution is not a living document, it is a manual of operation for a State of Liberty, our problem is we have ignored and abused it. Today there is no separation of powers anymore in America as all the powers of Congress have been usurped to the Executive and Judicial branches of our federal government.  Further, anyone who tells you it is a living document only wants it alive so they can kill it.  With your irreplaceable help, my intention is to structurally restore our Constitution. 

The Torch you will see in my campaign literature represents the Light of Liberty and the colors on its golden hilt stand for all races on Earth, because Liberty is for all.

There are many issues I will be sharing with you over the next months both in person and in written, and video formate. It will include the effect of a State of Liberty upon domestic and foreign policy, banking, healthcare, our nations defense, America's strategic situation, energy, education, our Bill of Rights along with issues you raise that will surface during the campaign.  

I will post on a Facebook site of Elect Fawell what I call the Daily Lie of Omission, where you can read the news not carried on Main Stream Media sites.  Please feel free to email or call, email being more efficient and I will do my best to get back to all.  Naturally, please feel free to volunteer. Volunteers are the life blood of any campaign and save untold dollars. Tasks include to help circulate petitions, organize and work on getting yard signs up in your area, writing letters to the press, and holding coffee's or other events... the list goes on.

I can safely say I will not take big pac money because they will have nothing to do with me, nor I with them as we are in diametric (i.e. extreme) opposition.  If you feel compelled to donate, please do. I try to keep expenses down but running a competitive campaign is never free, nor should it be. It's like an education... if it cost you nothing that is probably what it is worth.

My opponent has $5 million dollars from the lobbyists paying to strip us all of our wealth and country, and while I don't need a 10th of that to win and represent you, I do need your financial help.  The metric I must reach from the people is $100,000, after which like minded constitutional pacs will begin to step in and help.  This is just the way things are...

We have a long road ahead of us, but I will assure you the trip is worth while.



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