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April 24, 2018 - PRAccesswire against Facebook (Fakebook) censorship. Fakebook censors my Elect Fawell Facebook page.  

April 15, 2018 - Video of my interview with TV 25 in Peoria on trade, 2nd Amendment, Govt spending and its exploding debt.

April 3, 2018 - The LIBERTY ACT  (Article I Section 8 Restoration Act)

Press Release Video; The LIBERTY ACT :

(Included here is my video on how the quantitative financial behavior of all American's can replace the Federal Reserve Bank: The Orderly Removal & Replacement of the Federal Reserve Bank: )

To keep reports on The Liberty Act in order, scroll down to April 16, 2018 - LIBERTY ACT PART II :  THE CONSOLIDATION OF NATIONAL ISSUES IN PUBLIC AND INDEPENDENT AGENCIES


Proposed is a reorganization of all executive branch federal agencies.  Included are all public, independent and private agencies, which comprise the usurpation of the duties assigned to both the Congress and all the respective States described in Article I, Section 8 of our United States Constitution.

   The United States of America federal government with a growing debt to GDP ratio over 100% is technically bankrupt with a growing annual deficit.  In a bankruptcy there are only two choices, re-organization or liquidation.  Liquidation means violent revolution and so a re-organization is in order.

   Sought is the separation of powers endemic to our Constitution through the decentralization of those agencies of the federal government, which today create 90% of the laws, regulations and policy the people are subject to, and restore those powers away from the executive branch to which they have been usurped, and move them back to the legislatures and the Consent of the Governed in our Declaration of Independence upon which our Constitution is based, conforming to its intent of the separation of powers critical to the daily function of a Democratic Republic.

  America is reaching the end of its economic and moral tether and something is going to be done with or without the peoples consent, so it is better to plan for, solicit and establish the Consent of the Governed, in anticipation of this inevitable change.

   The purpose of the Liberty Act is to change the daily operating model of government where individuals operate the powers of government unconstitutionally outside the legislative powers of the Congress.  The Congress is the people’s place in our government, and if the Congress does not control their powers, neither do the people.  This unconstitutional concentration of power is what is responsible for the vast and growing disparity of wealth in America, deficit spending, endless debt, outrageous healthcare costs and extends even into a foreign policy of endless war. 

  Further, as the centralization of law making away from the Congress has adversely impacted society, it is destined to adversely impact the inevitable development of Artificial Intelligence and ultimately, AI will rule over the people just as our current governmental structure rules over the people today.

   The ultimate guild of this agency re-organization leaves federal power over national issues with the Congress, and transfers non-national issues to the 50 States, conforming much to the way Andrew Jackson viewed the limits of federal power in respect to the constitutional powers of the 50 States.

   The definition of public agencies will require that all law, regulatory and policy issues must go through the statutory constitutional process of the Congress as specified by the United States Constitution.

To wit:

  1. All public federal agencies and their powers will be moved to their mirror agencies of each of the 50 respective state agencies.  These include the agencies of the EPA, Dept of Education, Health & Human Services, Transportation et al.   The only exceptions are those powers concerned strictly to interstate commerce, such as interstate transportation improvements and taxes.  Congress can address national environmental issues in a broad scope to be applied by each respective state.  The regulations for chemicals and hazardous elements will be recast into an expanded Food & Drug Administration coming under closer scrutiny of the Congress. 
  2. All independent federal agencies will become public agencies and must present any proposed laws or regulations to the statutory law making process of the Congress for the enactment of said laws and regulations before enactment, while those regulations which impact under $100 billion dollars of market value can be enacted immediately, but require the confirmation of Congress with 18 months of enactment.  Some of the fields of authority from some public agencies national in scope and nature will be reassigned to the appropriate independent agency.
  3. All private agencies will also become public agencies and must present Congress with any and all regulatory and policy decisions for confirmation through the constitutional law making procedures of Congress, coming under regular and closer review and reorganization.  
  4. Impacted Agencies: The agencies to be primarily impacted will be the Food & Drug Adminstration, the U.S. EPA, and the Federal Reserve Bank.  The issues concerning the FDA and US EPA will result ideally in a multi-faceted agency prepared to provide governing procedures over not only all pharmaceutical drugs, but also chemicals that are and have been introduced into society and the environment.  With regards to the Federal Reserve Bank, HR 24/S 26 (The Federal Reserve Bank Transparency Act Audit) will become part and parcel to the Liberty Act, so that the cause and effect of the centralizing procedures of the Federal Reserve Bank can be better understood, so that alternative systems can be appraised and assessed as to the potential solutions to any issues and problems unveiled during the discovery audit.  In addition to, the Liberty Act will order a two-pronged audit.  The first a broad-based historic audit, and the second audit to be conducted as specified by HR 24/S 26.  This will not preclude any further audits should the two-pronged audit reveal the necessity for further audit inquiry.



This issue deals with the intricacies of the national responsibilities currently spread amongst both public and independent agencies, and addresses the reformation required in the Liberty Act, which not only will allow for both a smooth and legal transition of federal powers to the states, but will provide for the consolidation of over national issues to a single umbrella agency.

  To be specifically addressed are the chemical, drug and health issues partially held in both public and independent agencies today, but which are fragmented between un-cooperating agencies with the view to consolidate the powers over these national issues to a single governing power.

  The driving reason being lesson 101 of agency government upon any scale: No agency feels any compunction nor urgency to cooperate in its governance with any other agency.  The nature and history of agency government is that within their kingdom of operation, they are both the alpha and omega and the rest of all agencies be damned.

  No where is this clearer in the fractionalization of decisions to various federal agencies over what chemicals can be used and how in farming or manufacturing; in the impact and use of vaccines; in the assignment of manufacturing monopolies and in their investigation of both human subjects, over both flower and faunta, and over both domestic husbandry and wildlife.

  Involved are the following agencies, which by necessity for cooperation, all or those parts not assignable to the states, must fall entirely within a single umbrella agency where cooperation is no longer voluntary, but coerced.  They are the Federal Drug Administration (FDA), the Center for Disease Control, and those chemical issues of national scope that are non-transferrable to the states from the US EPA and the USDA.

   Currently, there is little cooperation between the US EPA and the FDA over chemicals routinely spread on crops, but which can have a direct impact upon the health and welfare of the nation and therefore come under the control of the Congress.  Included under the USDA are the labs used to measure any impact of these chemicals, the problem being there is no protocol within the USDA labs to measure chemical insults to the environment.  Specifically, the USDA labs do not test for chemical contamination in honey-bee CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder), nor are dead Bald Eagles sent to USDA labs for anything other than lead poisoning. 

  The level of cooperation over a pressing issue like Monsanto’s Roundup Glyphosate between the US EPA, the FDA and the USDA is non-existent.  Yet Glyphosate while only accused of being a carcinogen, it has been implicated in not only CCD with honey-bees, but also Autism, Alzheimer’s, cardio-vascular disease and obesity in human beings.  Yet the problem of coming to grips with any of the possible impacts of Glyphosate has been blocked by an institutionalized incomplete means of an organized academic study, and this holds true for all chemicals in use today.

  The purpose of the Liberty Act is not to create a regulatory nightmare of hoops for every company and every chemical to jump through driving costs and impacting the nations economy unnecessarily; but to put in place a complete system of review and regulation that is non-existent today, the means of which is used by cunning, ambitious and unprincipled men and women to side step any controls to protect the public at large across state lines.  This clearly places these powers currently associated with both public and independent agencies on a national scale completely within the powers of the Congress as specified in Article I, Section 8 of our United States Constitution.

  The CDC is included because just as the FDA appears to have a built in procedure that has lead to the phenomena of assigned monopolies over generic drug production and unnaturally ensuing elevated costs, a problem with built in conflict of interests issues, the CDC has the same problem, as it owns an interest in over 20 vaccines, which it seeks to mandate and promote. 

  Therefore, the national scope of issues over chemicals and testing of those chemicals within the US EPA and the USDA, must be combined under a single agency which will now also encompass the FDA and the CDC. 

  It is the only means by which to overcome the natural tendency of agencies to void inter-agency cooperation, which provides the seams through which lobbyists and corporations seek out in order to avoid or disassemble any and all regulation.


 PART III: The Dissolution of the Whitehouse Office of Information & Regulatory Affairs (OIRA): 

  Enactment of the Liberty Act would require the dissolution of the Office of Information & Regulatory Affairs as it would no longer be required to adjudicate the creation of agency law, simply because making agency law would revert back to the Congress, where it constitutionally belongs.

   Currently, the OIRA, a Whitehouse agency, is a clearinghouse for all agency law challenged by lobbyists.  We only know who the chair and vice-chairs are but not the staff, nor how many staff are employed by the OIRA.  Further, in hearings, there are no notes, shorthand or recordings made of testimony or discussion on the OIRA board, if such board exists. Consequently, there is no Freedom of Information Act Requests complied with because there is no recorded data of the proceedings. 

   This makes the OIRA, a traditional vehicle for the peddling of influence on agency law a free hand behind closed doors.  It is also the reason why some much money is directed towards the two major political parties, especially that party who holds the Whitehouse.

   The fact is, the OIRA, originally created to give corporations a voice in the creation of agency law that effects their operation.  As is always the case when altruistic agencies are created, the OIRA had noble beginnings; but as is always the case, whence a vehicle is formed that allows for sociopathic beings to acquire power to no good end, it is not a question of if this power will be abused, but when.   

   This is the problem with the creation of the 90% of laws we American’s live under today that are created by federal agencies.  This is the system that underlies every problem in America today; and the only solution is for all these powers to be restored to both the Congress and the States as delineated in Article I, Section 8 of our United States Constitution.

   This will terminate the need for 10,000 lobbyists spending $3 billion dollars a year for corporations and billionaires to continually buy the best laws money can buy.  That’s the purpose of The Liberty Act; to end lobbyist driven agency government, to end its deficit spending, to stop Big Pharma and Insurance from rigging healthcare for trillions of dollars, to end corruption and money in our elections, to end endless war.  

   Only by restoring the powers to make laws to the Congress and the State legislatures can we move the powers of government back to the hands and influence of all the people, and not the most connected to bureaucrats who inherited their job and consider their place in the government to be a family legacy. 

  Dissolution of the OIRA is a big component of the termination of agency government.  

   Over the next few months I will be outlining some more of the details required in separating some of the Public agencies and their powers back to the states and the consolidation of some of their remaining federal powers back to, and in consolidation with existing Independent agencies, understanding that agency responsibilities cannot be divided between agencies because the nature of all agency begins and ends at their door…  there is no co-operation between agencies.  

   It’s an interesting subject and we’ll be talking more about it in the weeks and months to come.   


March 5th 2018



Obviously, as a gun owner I am fervent about our 2nd Amendment rights, as I am about our entire Bill of Rights.  Actually, our 2nd Amendment is the strongest of the 10 Amendments that comprise our Bill of Rights with the key phrase “the people” being found in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 9th and 10th Amendments.  And if we are to be a nation of laws, words must mean something, and so it is with “the people”, which is you and me.  

   In law, there is a term called Rules of Construction, which require that the same words used over again in any legal document must always mean the same thing.  Now when we look at the 1st 4th, 9th and 10th Amendments it is all too clear the 2nd Amendment is the strongest of our Bill of Rights because there is precious little free speech in America today; Our 4th Amendments Due Process has been eviscerated by civil seizure laws and abortion until it has become a moot point.  While any reference to States Rights found in our 9th and 10th Amendments have been rendered meaningless.  

  And so any attack upon the 2nd Amendment weakens the only lynch pin left that is holding our Bill of Rights together.

  Furthermore, after our Great Civil War, the addition of the 13th and 14th Amendments gave greater strength to the 2nd Amendment as it granted the right to bear arms to the newly freed slaves, who without arms would have been slaughtered across the South; while even thus armed many freed slaves were killed. One can only imagine the carnage had these free men had been left unarmed, which only confirms the granting of all American's right to bear arms by agreement with our appointed government. And while the 2nd Amendment is a right given by God, despite the rantings of an aged former supreme court justice like Stevenson, it remains our right within this constitutional government.

  Consider the difference and contrast between rights and privileges.

  We have drunks on the road who generally only see real jail time if they kill someone while behind the wheel.  Does anyone propose we take certain cars or everyone’s cars away?  No we just suspend their license, which they can petition the court to restore; yet a driver’s license is a privilege, not a right.  

  I cannot and will not sacrifice nor erode our constitutional rights under false pretense, and therefore we have no option but to hold firm to our 2nd Amendment Rights.


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