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"People think and say what they see and hear."

I post the news you won't see on the MSM on my Facebook at Elect Fawell.  I sometimes make comment or share an observation.  Please share it with your friends and help everyone become more informed with a different view than the 90% of everything that's pasteurized through 275 media executives employed by the Big 6 media giants that want to control what you think.

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I'll have a video out soon on the "Anatomy of Fake News", I think you'll find it interesting.  

Wednesday, August 22, 2018 4:41 PM


I.   The Liberty Act: Far reaching legislation to reorganize our bankrupt federal government to allow the people to rule over our government once again as our Constitution originally established.  The purpose of this bill is to break up the power centers of our federal agency government and restore the constitutional powers of Article I, Sec 7, 8 & 9 back to the Congress and the respective 50 states.  The aim is to deny any one faction the access to power required to acquire the means to service themselves at the expense of all the people by restoring the means of the people to wade into our nations law making procedures via the Consent of the Governed.

II.  The Social Media Regulations Act: Something has to be done to even out the leftist tilt to the self serving, unequal and politicization of the Social Media giants like Facebook, Google, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook et al.  They have become a threat of our 1st Amendment and Bill of Rights and have proven themselves incapable of regulating themselves.  The precedent for regulation goes back to AT&T and the Baby Bells.

III.  The Volunteer Fire Department Act:  With the vanishing volunteer phenomena since the Crash of 2008, a 10 year bleed of the volunteer fireman has created a crisis to 95% of the surface area of the United States now serviced by our Volunteer Fire Departments accounting for 80% of all fire departments in America.  This Act will create insurance and a modest pension for all volunteer firemen giving local volunteer departments the means to attract and hold on to sufficient and qualitative personnel necessary to maintain the viable tradition of excellence America now takes for granted when it comes to fire departments and emergency services over 95% of the surface area of America.

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